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Payer une comm via Paypal

Message par K! le Ven 1 Mar - 23:11

First off, Artists, USE INVOICES. ALL THE PROBLEMS GO AWAY WHEN YOU DO. Sure, you can't convince a commissioner to throw in a few extra as a tip BUT THEY CAN'T SCREW ANYTHING UP.

A lot of people have been saying "If you are going to send money to an artist, mark it as a service and not as a good".

That's wrong.

That's VERY wrong. If I as a customer then have to file a dispute, then I am going to have a much harder time explaining just what happened, and I'll have less chance of coming to a resolution.

"But Firr!" You say, "But doing a furry art commission IS a service!"
Here's the problem: NOT ACCORDING TO PAYPAL. Paypal defines anything that results in a specific permanent product as a good. If you were selling a monthly subscription for online hosting, that is a service. If you are performing music for an evening at a wedding, that is a service. If the end result is a real, specific product, it is a good according to paypal.

AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DO NOT SEND AS A GIFT. You as a buyer get screwed out of all the buyer protection, and the seller can get into hot water because they are accepting a gift payment for what is obviousilly a business transaction. Sellers should account for Paypal fees in their pricing, and all you're doing is putting people in awkward situations by trying to cheat the system.
And if you are an artist and you tell people to send as a gift SHAME ON YOU

"But I don't have anything to ship! What happens if a buyer disputes that?" This is the tricky part. And by tricky, I mean it takes a two extra mouse clicks. When you go to pay someone, mark it as NO SHIPMENT REQUIRED and all of a sudden all those problems go away. THIS IS THE WAY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO IT LOOK I MADE YOU AN EXAMPLE

"Now," You are saying, "How do I prevent those pesky 21 day holds?" Here's the answer IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. There are a billion reasons as to why a payment could get a hold. Most of the time it is because of suspicious buyers, or an unusual spike in sales (Such as opening stream commissions after a hiatus). It's not because you've gotten a lot of payments and you haven't shipped anything (Despite what you think, you don't need to ship through paypal's service. That "print shipping label" button is for your convenience)

"But I heard from this tumblr post..." Stop. Stop right there. I have been on the phone with many a paypal rep about this, spoke with their lawyers confirming this, and HAVE CONFIRMED MANY TIMES OVER THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

ALSO This goes without saying, BUT DON'T WRITE STUPID THINGS IN THE COMMENTS. If a paypal rep would look up an order and see "For the horse/fox sex pic! :3" there would be a problem. THE BEST THING to put down is simply "commission for [your name here]" and leave it at that. DON'T BE A FURRY ABOUT IT AND OVERSHARE

TL;DR Artists: use invoices. Buyers: set as a good, no shipping required. If you set it as a service, you'll be hosed out of a lot of buyer protection.


En clair, prendre une comm c'est un bien et non pas un service, sinon coté recours si y'a un soucis ça rend la chose plus compliqué.
Et aussi, mais cela va de soi quand on fait dans le mature, eviter comme la peste les commentaires un peu trop précis sur la comm demandée "l'argent pour le porn KenGIJoe" par exemple (se contenter d'un "commissions pour *pseudo*"), car si quelqu'un du staff Paypal doit mettre le nez dans le dossier pour régler un litige, il se pourrait qu'un autre problème se présente :|
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